SKULPTOR is a Sound Artist, Performer, Producer, and Hybrid-DJ artist. Her next release is due summer of 2018 off the legendary Industrial-Ambient-Experimental-Techno-House label, Mathematics Recordings. Her ongoing use of classical piano training skills combined with drum machines, vocal pedals, and harmonizer loops sculpt emergent patterns that combine ghettotech, minimal, electro-industrial, proto-pop, ambient, and lush atmospheres. In addition, her live performances feature a hybrid of turntables, keyboards, drum machines, and mixers that offer physically animated expressions with a vocal style that's uniquely her own. Constantly producing her own evolving body of work, she breaks down music styles (New Beat, Electro-Industrial, Cyber, Hip-Hop-Core, and Neuro-Funk) and reconstructs them to create challenging, often emotionally charged set's not for the faint of heart.

In addition she has held residencies at ULM University Arts Festival, The Monterey Symphony, University of Santa Cruz, DALI 17 (The newest Salvador Dali Museum in the U.S.), Royal Danish Ballet, and has been featured in Red Bull Music Academy.